Our Proposition

Invincible Software Holdings ("ISH”) is the natural home for young and robust SaaS companies focusing on the B2B market. ISH is an active software holding company, for a group of independent software companies with entrepreneurial leaders.

These companies share similar qualities

A visual icon for focused on customers' core business processes.

Focused on customers’ core business processes

A visual icon for combining deep sector knowledge with a strong local approach.

Combining deep sector knowledge with a strong local approach

A visual icon for B2B SaaS

B2B SaaS

A visual icon for clear product market-fit with a track record of growth.

Clear product market-fit with a track record of growth

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Bootstrapped or VC-funded

A visual icon for focus on the path of growth not spreadsheets.

Focus on the path of growth not spreadsheets

Traditional private equity funding is generally targeted at businesses that have reached a scale of a minimum of €5 - 10M ARR. We believe that there is real value in investing earlier and helping owner/founders/management to develop in order to reach that level of revenue and beyond. This help will typically be a combination of capital invested and importantly, skills and knowledge. While we are stronger together as a group, our approach is tailored to the individual companies to support entrepreneurial decisions at customer level. One size does not fit all.

We don't expect your business to be perfect. Most we see have some gaps in skill-set, structure and product. But if we can see how to bridge these gaps then we are willing investors.

Invincible was created to meet the needs of smaller high-growth SaaS companies. Our aim is to elevate the businesses we invest in through the careful introduction of capital and skills. We don't want to change everything and make it all rather 'corporate'. We want to harness the small company energy and back the existing management.